Arcātheos Knighthood

Our leadership program is designed to prepare Catholic boys, ages 13-17 years old, with essential skills needed to guide the younger boys during the main camp. Since there are only a limited amount of spots, as of the summer of 2020 we moved to a competitive application process

Although it is possible to experience the leadership program without having been to Arcātheos in the past, it should be considered very cautiously! Knighthood Training is physically demanding and builds upon the foundation already learned during main camp (eg. drill, wilderness skills, realm history, etc...). Once there, the knights are challenged to complete leadership scenarios and provide instruction in various skills to their peers.  We are trying to choose the right candidates to help mentor and instruct the younger boys during the main camp while remaining under the supervision of the adult leadership team. 

Those who are accepted will be given access to pre-camp reading packages to prepare them for the entrance exam. This will include a small research assignment, as well as some reading material to help them prepare for the journey beginning on day one of training.

Knighthood Registration will be closed on June 15th of this year. All applications MUST be completed or in the final stages by this time. No new applications will be processed past this date.



These requirements are only for those applying to the Knighthood Leadership Training program. Once online registration is complete, all subsequent application requirements are to be submitted to Mr. van den Bosch at as soon as possible. 

1. Complete the online registration by June 15th of this year.  NOTE: There is a CAP on the number of knighthood applicants to be accepted, so it is in your best interest to complete this ASAP. Note: Unsuccessful applicants will be refunded their entire registration fee. 

2. Complete and submit the Arcātheos Knighthood 2024 Application Questionnaire (posted below) and send it to Mr. van den Bosch at  This is a point-based application and failure to complete it in a timely manner will mean no points earned. 

3. Once accepted, you will be given a password to access the pre-camp readings packages. You must prepare sufficient time to review the information that will be contained there.

4. Once all of those being accepted this summer for KT are determined, each will be given a topic to begin preparing a short testimony that you will give during the later part of KT. Note that you will be given additional instruction and preparation time during Effective Speaking workshops on site. 


Arcātheos Knighthood 2024 Applicant Questionnaire:

Please submit these questions ASAP after completing your online registration so as to complete requirement #3 (as listed above). They can be sent to Mr. van den Boschat

1. List each year that you attended the Arcātheos main summer camp in the 7-12 year old divisions. (1 point per summer to a max of 6 points) 

2. List each year that you attended Arcātheos during the summer as a knight. (2 points per summer to a max of 1o points)

3. List each year that you attended an Arcātheos winter mission at any age. (1 point per winter to a max of 4 points)

4. If you are a returning knight, state your current rank and when you achieved it. If this is your first time just indicate that you are a "new recruit." (1 point new recruit, 2 points Cpl, 3 points M.Cpl, 4 points Sgt, 5 points M.Sgt.) 

5. List any involvement you have had in your parish (eg. help with altar serving, youth group involvement, etc...), and include when & where these occurred. (1 point per involvement to a max of 3 points)

6. List any leadership experience you have had outside of Arcātheos, and include when this occurred. (1 point per involvement to a max of 3 points)

7. In two to three paragraphs state why you feel God is calling you to serve as a knight at Arcātheos this summer (potential up to 5 points based on the depth of your reasoning).


Upon completion of this application, you will be contacted to know if you have been approved for the 2024 camp. Unfortunately, WE ARE NOT able to grant admission to all applicants. 

If you have any questions regarding the application process or about the leadership training itself, please do not hesitate to send an email to Mr. van den Bosch at



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