Arcātheos Boys' Camp

Arcātheos is an exciting and unique Catholic boys' camp, started as an apostolic endeavor of Regnum Christi.  Our mission is to offer boys ongoing formation as they journey towards authentic manhood. This task has not been approached lightly, as you will see from the incredible efforts of our team to make this possible.

This experience is for those who yearn to take on the adventures of life with the heroic nature afforded to them. For many it has become a “rite of passage," where boys gain confidence in their journey to become men of God. Many will prove themselves through tests of strength, knowledge, skill and virtue, in hopes of becoming a Squire.

After this, we provide further leadership formation to the older boys as they progress into Knighthood (formerly Officer Training).  Once ready, these "Knights"are entrusted to inspire and mentor the younger boys placed in their care.

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