Arcātheos Knighthood


Arcātheos Knighthood is the new name of our leadership program for Catholic boys ages 13-17 years old. During this rigorous time of formation, boys are prepared with essential skills that will not only help them lead the younger boys at camp, but will also enrich their lives back at home.

Decisions for acceptance will start being made known by May 30th of each year. Those who are accepted will be given a password to access the “Knights Only” page below. From there they can download their pre-camp preparation packages.  This will include a small research assignment, as well as some reading material to help them prepare for the journey beginning on day one of training.

Knighthood Registration will be closed on July 15th of this year. All applications MUST be completed or in the final stages by this time. No new applications will processed past this date.

2019 Admission Requirements:

These requirements are only for those applying to the Knighthood Leadership Training program.  Once online registration is complete, all subsequent application requirements are to be submitted to the Knighthood Admissions Co-Ordinator at

1. Complete the online registration including all applicable forms.

2. Provide proof of Baptism as a Roman Catholic (copy of certificate).

3. Provide proof you will be 13 years or older as of August 1st 2019 (exceptions can be considered on an individual basis).

4. Complete and submit the 2019 Knighthood essay topic (topic will be posted below by April 9th 2019).

5. Following the submission of your essay, you will be contacted by the Knighthood Admissions Co-Ordinator in order to arrange a short interview which will be conducted via phone. 

6. Once accepted, you will be given a password to access the pre-camp readings packages. You must consent to giving sufficient time to reviewing the information that will be contained there, and to informing the Knighthood Admissions Co-Ordinator once you have completed the pre-camp exam.


The Knighthood Application Essay Topic for 2019 is as follows:

 Read John 13:1-20, Jesus washes the feet of the disciples

1) In this gospel passage, what kind of example is Jesus trying to set for his Disciples?

2) In light of what jesus is saying and doing, how could this form of leadership be transferred over and used in light of what a Knight does/will do at Arcātheos?

3) What is an example from your own life where you have shown these leadership qualities or have seen them performed by someone else?

Your response should be 200-300 words. Email your response to


Upon completion of this application, you will be contacted by the Admissions Co-Ordinator to know if you have been approved for the 2019 camp. Unfortunately, we are not able to grant admission to all applicants. 

If you have any questions regarding the application process or the Knighthood Program itself, please do not hesitate to send an email to our Knighthood Admissions and Inquiries Coordinator at You will receive a reply within 24 hours.



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