About Us

Previously known as Camp Rivendell, the vision for Arcātheos was founded in the year 2003 under the directorship of Dr. Brian Doran. This camp has quickly grown into one of the most exciting boys’ camps in North America.  After all… what boy can resist the chance to draw his sword, or fire water-balloons by catapult, against a menacing horde of evil villians? pic1Everything at camp is tailored to inspire a friendship with Christ, and gives boys an opportunity to encounter the great strength of their Catholic faith. In addition to all the action, there is a rigorous set of training objectives the boys undertake, which can be explored further in the formation pages of this website. The sister camp to Arcātheos is Captivenia, which means "captivating grace," and offers Catholic formation for girls.

The camp is a unique apostolate in its own right, and is proud to be affiliated with Regnum Christi, which is an apostolic movement at the service of the Church. This movement has been officially recognized by the Holy See. The camp is located 45 minutes S.W. of Calgary Alberta, on the incredibly scenic Britton Ranch, thanks to the generosity of Bill and Linda Britton. In keeping with the rustic medieval theme, the boys get to sleep in large tents on individual cots which are provided.

The dads who attend help make this the epic journey it is today. These men play an essential element by making it exciting, safe, and full of surprises. We are not set up to mirror the traditional style of a father & son camp. Rather, we enlist the dads as an extension of the adult leadership from the moment they arrive. Although there is time for fathers to check up on how their son is doing, the majority of  time may be spent preparing theatrical scenes, ambushes, teaching wilderness skills, mentoring, serving the boys, and dressing up with the villians to battle their sons. The feedback from the men, in regard to their ability to personally add to the camp through their efforts, has been quite positive.