Mentioned below are some of the many virtuous souls from throughout the realm of Lumenorus who have pledged their allegiance to the King. They are descendants of the first humans who entered into Lumenorus back in the year 542 of the 1st Age.  Since then, and based on the properties of the Springs of Lumenorus, the average lifespan for these mortals who chose to dwell in this realm increased to 150 to 200 years on average. They are the valiant ones who continue to sacrifice much for both Arcātheos and Captivenia. 

The Duxarium are a race unto their own, existing in both power and nature somewhere between the mortals and the divine spirits. Blessed with immortality, they have a higher understanding of the spiritual realm than their mortal counterparts. But unlike the spirits, they have bodies and as such have an inherent vulnerability. What powers they possess are not magic, though mortals could mistake their abilities for such. Instead, their enhanced gifts are simply the expression of their natural abilities. The noblest office of the Duxarium is that of intercessors and mentors for mankind.

Here the accounts of those who have fallen will be given mention. Though they were born of the Duxarium race, they have rejected the grace of the King and have forgotten the very nature they were created to encapsulate.  Bereft of the King's grace, they constantly seek to inflict harm on those who continue to serve the Legion of Arcātheos.